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Annonce press-conference «Reforms for the new President» – 27/05, 14:00

Press-conference «Reforms for the new President»

We are glad to invite you for the special press-conference from Reanimation Package or Reforms – «Reforms for the new President»!

The press-conference will take place on the 27th of May at 14 00 in Ukrainian Crisis Media Centre.

Speakers: Activists of public initiative Reanimation Package or Reforms (RPR) – Hanna Hopko (NGO Centre “Life”), Svitana Zalishchuk (NGO Centre UA), Oleh Matsekh (Business owner), Olha Halabala (Civil Center of Euromaydan).

Time and place: Ukrainian Crisis Media Center, Ukraina Hotel, 4 Instytutska Street, 3rd floor, 27th of May, 14:00

Activist will present civil society demands for priority reforms that have to be adopted and implemented during the next half a year. The reanimation reforms should cover the following spheres: anti-corruption, tax, euro integration, judicial, decentralization, media, law enforcement agencies, public administration.

Reanimation Package of Reforms is a public initiative created in winter 2014 on Maydan aiming to transform the remonstrative energy of people to the creative one – reformist. The initiative has united about 200 experts, civil society activists and human rights defenders from the leading think tanks, NGOs and members of protest groups. Only for two and a half months RPR activists have managed to gain adoption of 6 laws, including those that bring revolutionary changes in the judiciary, public procurement, public accountability of government and the establishment of freedom of speech in Ukraine (the Law №0947 on Access to Public Information, two Laws on public procurement (the Law №2207, the Law №4578), Law on restoring confidence in the judiciary (the Law №4378-1 on judges lustration), Law on Public Broadcasting (the Law №1076), Law on education (the Law №1187-2). Seven more laws have been approved in the first reading.

Target audience: International journalists.

Language of press-conference: English

Contact information+380979380174, Oksana Nechyporenko

platforma.reform@gmail.com | +38 097 597 13 85| facebook.com/platforma.reform