Secretariat is an executive body of RPR that supports participating NGOs and experts who work in expert groups in promoting reforms in the framework of the agreed priorities.

Secretariat provides overall coordination of RPR’s activity and provides advocacy, communications, international relations, regional activities, fundraising and organizational development of the civic platform. It also prepares and holds RPR’s events, supports activities of groups, initiatives, and other structural divisions, and ensures implementation of the decisions of the Assembly and the Board of the RPR.

Denys Denysenko
Executive Director of RPR Coalition
Bohdan Yatsun
Head of Advocacy
Denys Davydenko
Advocaсy manager
Hlib Strygunenko
Advocaсy manager
Dmytro Kryvosheiev
Olga Lymar
Development manager
Oleksandr Melnyk
Regional manager
Svitlana Gulianytska
Administrative manager