Reports with the NGOs-members

  1. Agency for Strategic Communications and Development “Joint Efforts”
  2. AgroReformsUA
  3. Anti-corruption Headquarters
  4. All-Ukrainian Association of Small and Medium Businesses “Fortress”
  5. All-Ukrainian Sustainable Development and Investments Agency
  6. Anti-corruption Action Center
  7. Anti-corruption Research and Education Centre (ACREC)
  8. Association for Community Self-organization Assistance
  9. Association for Support of Defense of Ukraine
  10. Association “Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine”
  11. Association of Ukrainian Human Rights Monitors
  12. Association on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving
  13. Bureau of Ecologic Investigations
  14. CASE-Ukraine
  15. CCC Creative Center
  16. Charitable Foundation “Right to Protection”
  17. Center for Public Monitoring and Research
  18. Center of Reform Support
  19. Center for Democracy and Rule of Law (CEDEM)
  20. Center for Local Self-Governance
  21. Centre of Policy and Legal Reform
  22. Center for Economic Research and Forecasting «Financial Pulse»
  23. Centre for Economic Strategy
  24. Centre for Innovations Development at NaUKMA
  25. Centre for Political Studies and Analysis “EIDOS”
  26. Centre for Research of Liberation Movement
  27. Centre UA
  28. Chamber of Tax Advisors
  29. Civil Control Platform
  30. Civil Network OPORA
  31. Civil Society Institute
  32. Civil Society Online
  33. Coalition of Civic Organizations “For Sober Ukraine”
  34. Committee of Voters of Ukraine
  35. Congress of Cultural Activists
  36. CrimeaSOS
  37. Cultural Assembly
  38. DEJURE Foundation
  39. Detector Media
  40. Development and Security Association
  41. DiXi Group
  42. Easy Business
  43. Environment-People- Law
  44. Election Law Institute
  45. Europe Without Barriers
  46. Foundation of Regional Initiatives (FRI)
  47. Forum “Health”
  48. Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation
  49. Initiative E+
  50. Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting
  51. Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation
  52. Institute of Social and Economic Transformation
  53. Institute of World Policy
  54. Internews Ukraine
  55. Interns’ League
  56. LEAD Office
  57. Life
  58. MAMA-86
  59. National Ecological Centre of Ukraine
  60. Network of Energy Innovations “Greencubator”
  61. “No Bribery” Movement
  62. Partnership for Every Child
  63. Patients of Ukraine
  64. PLAST – National Scout Organization of Ukraine
  65. Podolian Agency for Regional Development
  66. Regional Press Development Institute
  67. Rodyna
  68. Together Against Corruption
  69. Transparency International Ukraine
  70. Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research
  71. Ukrainian Centre for European Policy
  72. Ukrainian Forum of Philanthropists
  73. Ukrainian Homeland Defence Support Movement
  74. Ukrainian Insurance Federation
  75. Ukrainian Science Club
  76. Ukrainian Archaeologists Association
  77. Union of Ukrainian Youth in Ukraine
  78. Vostok-SOS
  79. Wikimedia Ukraine
  80. Youth Nationalistic Congress