Reports with the NGOs-members

  1. Association of Cinematographers of Ukraine (ukr)
  2. Center for Democracy and Rule of Law (ukr)
  3. Centre for Innovations Development (ukr)
  4. Centre for Political Studies and Analysis “EIDOS” (ukr)
  5. Centre for Research of Liberation Movement
  6. Centre of Policy and Legal Reform
  7. Civil Society Institute (ukr)
  8. Committee of Voters of Ukraine
  9. Detector Media
  10. Easy Business
  11. Europe Without Barriers
  12. Fight for Right (ukr)
  13. ICF “Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health”
  14. Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation
  15. Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting (ukr)
  16. Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation (ukr)
  17. Legal Hundred (ukr)
  18. Life
  19. Lviv Regulatory Hub (ukr)
  20. New Europe Center
  21. Parents for Vaccination (ukr) 
  22. PLAST – National Scout Organization of Ukraine (ukr)
  23. Regional Press Development Institute (ukr)
  24. Together Against Corruption (ukr)
  25. Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research
  26. Vostok-SOS (ukr)