The Board of the Association is the permanent governing body of the Association. The Board is elected by the General Meeting of 9 persons, unless otherwise specified in the decision of the General Meeting, for a term of 1 year by instant-runoff voting, from among the nominees proposed by the full members of the Association.

Ihor Burakovskyi
Co-chairman of the RPR Coalition Board, The Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting
Yuliia Kyrychenko
Co-chairwoman of the RPR Coalition Board, co-chairwoman of the Board of the Centre of Policy and Legal Reforms
Stanislav Andriichuk
Head of the Plast National Scout Organization of Ukraine
Tymofiy Badikov
Executive Director of the NGO "Parents for Vaccination"
Svitlana Barbeliuk
Director of the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation
Svitlana Kononchuk
Executive Director of the Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research
Dmytro Kupyra
Executive Director of the NGO "Life"
Natalia Lyhachova
Head of Detector Media
Halyna Skipalska
Executive Director of the International Charitable Foundation "Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health"