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Who Are the Rankings Commissioned By?

Which sociological surveys should we trust? Today, KIIS published data that is significantly different from the others: The Servant of the People is supported by 48.5%, Opposition Platform by 14.1%, European Solidarity by 9.2%, Fatherland by 6.2%, Voice by 4.4%.

This survey was conducted from 25/06 to 07/07. But the surveys conducted on approximately the same days by “Rating” Group (from 29/06 to 03/07) and the “Social Monitoring” Center (from 28/06 to 04/07) give quite different results. Differences significantly exceed the statistical error! Most of all, as regards the Voice and the Servant of the People.

The Rating Group gives the Servant of the People 42.3%, Opposition Platform – 13.1%, European Solidarity – 8.3%, Fatherland – 7.2%, Voice – 7.2%.

Social Monitoring has quite similar figures: The Servant of the People is supported by 41.6%, Opposition Platform by 13.7%, European Solidarity by 8.5%, Fatherland by 7.7%, Voice by 7.5%.

All three sociological services are considered reliable. They are not on the list of pseudo-sociologists drawn up by But to trust them, we lack some important data – who commissioned the sociological survey? And there we can see complete unanimity: neither KIIS nor Rating, nor Social Monitoring indicate their customers!

By law, it is a duty (!) to tell the customer’s name. Here’s a quotation from Article 67: “If the news agencies, mass media disseminate the results of the poll of public opinion related to the elections, they are obliged to indicate the full name of the polling organization, customers that have commissioned the survey”. Liability is envisaged for this as well. it is insignificant, though: 170 – 340 UAH (Articles 212-20 of the Administrative Offenses Code). The publication of the customer’s name is also part of the international election standards, in particular those of the Council of Europe.

Voters have the right to know who commissioned the sociological survey. This is part of the right to an informed decision. It is also what the trust in the results of sociological survey depends on. Why are the names of customers so carefully hidden from us? If you have a chance, ask KIIS, Rating and Social Monitoring who commissioned their sociological surveys!

Taras Shevchenko, the UP