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TTFU Urges Congress to Expeditiously Pass Ukraine Assistance Package

The Transatlantic Task Force for Ukraine (TTFU) urges the US Congress to immediately pass bipartisan emergency security, economic, and humanitarian assistance for Ukraine. On April 28, the Biden Administration requested $33 billion in new assistance to help Ukraine defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity and to address the country’s economic and humanitarian needs due to Russia’s ruthless war.

We applaud President Biden’s request and the US House of Representatives’ overwhelming bipartisan passage on May 10, 2022, of a $40 billion assistance package for Ukraine. We strongly urge the US Senate to move quickly to pass Ukraine assistance funding given the pressing challenges facing Ukrainians and the growing economic, security, and humanitarian needs on the ground.

TTFU applauds Congress’ strong bipartisan support for Ukraine and its firm stand against Russia’s unprovoked aggression and massive war crimes, including the support passed in the $13.7 billion US assistance package for Ukraine in March. To date the military component of this aid has been essential to Ukraine’s defense and its robust response to the Russian invasion. As the war rages on, time is of the essence, and availability of assistance, both military and non-military, is crucial to addressing Ukraine’s economic, security, and humanitarian assistance needs, including for over 5.8 million Ukrainian refugees and millions more displaced internally.

This new tranche of US comprehensive aid is critical to defeating Russia’s ongoing full-fledged aggression against Ukraine which has resulted in countless atrocities, tens of thousands of casualties, the deaths of at least 225 children, appalling war crimes, and tremendous human suffering. US support and assistance are pivotal to putting an end to Moscow’s genocidal campaign that seeks not only to destroy the Ukrainian state, including its economy, but to eliminate Ukraine as a nation and Ukrainians as a people. Furthermore, increased assistance is essential to thwart Putin’s warped imperial ambitions beyond Ukraine.

The Ukrainian people not only continue to valiantly defend their own sovereignty and right to exist, but they also stand on the front lines in defending democracy and the rules based international order against dictatorship. With strong bipartisan support, Congress has long been a stalwart proponent of a free and democratic Ukraine. We commend further Congressional efforts, along with the Biden administration, aimed at supporting Ukraine amid ongoing Russian invasion and urge members of Congress to continue to play a leadership role, now and in the future, in ensuring timely and robust funding to address Ukraine’s military, economic, and humanitarian needs.

Co-Chairs, Transatlantic Task Force on Ukraine:

Denys Davydenko
Head of Advocacy and International Relations, Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition

Olga Lymar
Executive Director, Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition

Olena Prokopenko
Fellow, German Marshall Fund of the United States

Orest Deychakiwsky
former Policy Advisor, US Helsinki Commission

Adrian Karmazyn
former Ukrainian Service Chief, Voice of America

Jonathan Katz
Senior Fellow and Director, Democracy Initiatives, German Marshall Fund of the United States