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November 11, RPR held its annual meeting with foreign partners in order to discuss current challenges and future plans together with representatives of the coalition.

The main achievements of RPR over the last year were presented at the event: in particular, the adoption of the Charter and RPR’s Strategy for 2016-2017, the approval of the new rules of the expert groups’ work, and the amendment to the management structure of RPR’s advocacy activities. Aiming to enhance advocacy and communication of reforms in 2016, the coalition of RPR has expanded in 20 more respectable NGOs and currently consists of 68 members.

The Roadmap of Reforms for 2016-17, prepared by the experts of 23 RPR groups, was also presented at the meeting.

In the format of open discussion, representatives of international organizations positively assessed the institutional changes, introduced by the сoalition, and expressed their proposals for improving RPR’s efficiency, in particular regarding the implementation of laws and the need to develop a regional component to promote reforms.

Members of the coalition of RPR and the foreign partners have agreed that they will strengthen cooperation in different reform areas for the sake of development and implementation of systemic changes in Ukraine.

The event was held with the support of the Swedish Government and the European Union in the framework of the project “Strengthening the coalition of RPR”, implemented by Center for Democracy and Rule of Law. 

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