The Public Calls on the President, the Government, and the Verkhovna Rada to Support the Team of Reformists in the Healthcare Ministry

The Reanimation Package of Reforms, patients’ associations and non-governmental organizations, as well as international partners unanimously support the proposals of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers regarding implementation of reforms in Ukraine.

The public is aware of the huge responsibility assumed by the government, as well as the complexity of the situation in Ukraine. Without a doubt, it is only close cooperation between governmental authorities and the public that can ensure positive results expected by the society.

However, it is also necessary to realize that there is a real threat of revenge of corrupt clans which are doing their best to regain influence in various spheres of public administration, in particular, in the field of healthcare. This is manifested in their attempt to discredit the work of the newly formed team of the Ministry through an information campaign in media and social networks.

Over the last five months, the Healthcare Ministry team has been demonstrating its willingness to build a new model of healthcare that would ensure an appropriate level of healthcare services to the citizens of Ukraine.

The Concept of Healthcare Reform has been approved. It describes a new model of healthcare financing, provides clear and transparent state guarantees in terms of free medical care, improves financial security of the citizens in case of illness, offers incentives to improve the quality of healthcare, and provides for an efficient distribution of budgetary funds and cut-down of informal payments.

In 2016, all public procurement programs were handed over to the international organizations to combat corruption, save budgetary funds, and introduce a transparent procurement procedure.

Since 2015, the medical community and all the representatives of parliamentary factions and the government have been supporting the necessity of making healthcare facilities autonomous. On November 30, 2016, the Cabinet of Ministers resolution was finally adopted. It allows the healthcare institutions to use their resources at their own discretion, which should improve their effectiveness.

This list of achievements of the Ministry of Healthcare for quite a short time is far from being complete. The public sees prospects for achieving positive changes. Therefore, the experts of the Reanimation Package of Reforms address the President, the Prime Minister, and the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada to pay attention to the situation concerning the attempts to block the work of the reformist team at the Ministry of Healthcare.

The public also calls on top leaders to support the team of reformists of the Ministry of Healthcare in their difficult, yet extremely important for the Ukrainian society, mission and to give them an opportunity to show their effectiveness and report on their achievements in cooperation with the government for the first year of work. This is a minimum period of time it would take the team of the Ministry of Healthcare to adopt concrete decisions and implement the first stages of the reform.