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Statement on ensuring transparent recruitment in the defense industry

Joint statement by civil society on ensuring transparent recruitment in the defense and industrial sector:

Attn.: the President of Ukraine
Volodymyr Zelenskyi

National Security and Defense Council Secretary
Oleksandr Danyliuk
Chairperson of the Supervisory Board
SC “Ukroboronprom”
Aivaras Abromavicius

Ukraine is on the verge of personnel changes. After the parliamentary election, large-scale job rotations are expected, in particular, in the public sector of the defense industry of Ukraine.

Given the military aggression in the East of Ukraine and the numerous corruption scandals in the fulfillment of the state defense order that threaten national sovereignty, it is crucial to employ responsible professionals with impeccable reputation for the key defense offices of Ukraine.

That is why public experts have identified a number of offices that have a direct impact on the choice, quality and price of weapons and military equipment which will be used by Ukrainian soldiers tomorrow. Such offices that need special attention are as follows:

  1. Senior executives of the State Concern Ukroboronprom;
  2. Senior executives of enterprises – participants of Ukroboronprom concern;
  3. Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine responsible for the development of the defense industry;
  4. Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine responsible for military-technical policy, development of armaments and military equipment, as well as for the Military Representative Office;
  5. Senior executives of the State Space Agency of Ukraine;
  6. Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council for defense;
  7. Senior executives of the State Export Control Service.

In particular, the selection of candidates for the offices should be transparent and be conducted based on criteria such as: no conflict of interest with own business interests; confirmation of declared income; compliance with the requirements of lustration law; and the lack of information that casts a shadow over the candidate’s patriotic position and business reputation.

We urge the top public officials to ensure the employment of honest professionals for the above and other relevant offices. The public is ready to participate in the selection process.

For our part, we confirm that we will exercise careful public scrutiny of all HR decisions.

Signatory organizations:

Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee (NAKO)


Together against Corruption

Anti-Corruption Action Center