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Statement of the Reanimation Package of Reforms Regarding Formation of a New Government According to New Rules

Political crisis in Ukraine has reached its pivotal point. In experts’ opinion, the only way out of this situation is formation of a new Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Unfortunately, the next Government is being formed behind the scenes, with the only goal to substitute the officials. Such an approach jeopardizes the hope that a new Government might become an effective vehicle of reforms.

The next Prime Minister shall form the Government at his or her own discretion, from among the professionals ready to start implementing the reforms from day one. They have to be scrupulous, professional, and not affiliated with any business structures. It is crucial to avoid political quotas in the new Cabinet of Ministers. Otherwise, a new head of the Government might get an unmanageable ‘hotchpotch.’

The acting Government was working in an authoritarian, non-transparent, and emergency mode – a lot of important decisions were adopted without proper discussion. Well-balanced decisions based on political analysis have been unheard of.

To restore trust in government, stabilize the situation, and place Ukraine in a trajectory of sustainable development, a new Government should follow new rules.

The Reanimation Package of Reforms civil initiative demands the following:

  1. Before a new Cabinet of Ministers is formed, to adopt amendments to the legislation on the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and central executive authorities (on the basis of the draft law No. 2354a):

A new Government shall determine a mission for each ministry and, correspondingly, form key structural units (new departments) and appoint officials responsible for the top-priority reforms (public policy areas). New departments shall be set up on the basis of the new laws on civil service and new rates of labour remuneration, gradually substituting the old ones.

  1. To create a post of a Deputy Prime Minister in charge of administrative reform in the Government.

No transformation can be brought about without a person responsible for it.

  1. The new Government shall finalize and adopt the Strategy of public administration reform as soon as possible and in a transparent manner.

Adoption of the Strategy is a necessary condition to receive 90 million EUR from the European Union to cover supplemental payments to the new civil officers. Without these supplemental payments Ukraine will not be able to encourage new professionals to take part in the competitions to fill the offices of new civil service.

The Government cannot reform the country without reforming itself. It is of critical importance to change the system of decision-making and to form the Cabinet of Ministers from among the persons armed with the strategy of social transformations and ready for such work, as well as to improve communication with the public to build up citizens’ trust in government.

Best regards,
Reanimation Package of Reforms civil initiative