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Statement concerning the inadmissibility of persecution Vitaly Kasko

We, the representatives of civil society demand to stop persecution of ex-Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy Kasko by the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Mr. Kasko, during his tenure as Deputy Prosecutor General, initiated criminal proceeding in the case of the so called “diamond prosecutors”, in which Oleksandr Korniets, a person close to ex-Prosecutor General, was one of the persons of interest. Right after Vitaliy Kasko resigned from the Prosecutor General’s Office, criminal proceeding was registered against him on the fact of fraud

Since that time this case has been an instrument for personal pressure and revenge to Mr. Kasko for his numerous public statements on covering up corruption and combating reforms of prosecution by Mr. Shokin.

On 22 March 2016 Mr. Kasko’s apartment was seized. And a person who appealed the court to seize the property was Mr. Shokin even though there are no provisions in the Criminal Procedure Code demanding that.

Late at night on Sunday, April 10th, right on the street in the center of Kyiv several officers of special forces and of the Prosecutor General’s Office, among whom was the head of the Department for Investigation of Criminal Proceedings in the Sphere of Civil Service and Property of the Prosecutor General’s Office Mr. Dmytro Stus, tried to serve Vitaliy Kasko with “summons of suspicion”.

Besides the outright theatrelized character of actions, when the prosecutor’s office did not find time to conduct relevant procedural action during the working hours, prosecution officers committed a number of other serious violations of constitutional rights of V.Kasko and of the laws of Ukraine.

Among them were:

Damage was inflicted to the car, in particular, the door from the driver’s side was covered with the unknown substance, obviously by law enforcement officers with the aim to prevent Mr, Kasko from getting into his car.

The only way to track Mr. Kasko’s location was to put a tail on him. Obviously, this unlawful activity was carried out without proper authorization of the court. Therefore, such actions shall be qualified pursuant to article 186 of the Criminal Code as violation of personal privacy.

Serving “summons of suspicion” is not the procedure demanding urgent actions. Such behavior of prosecutors had the only reason – to put psychological pressure on Mr. Kasko.  Such things were done to suspects during Stalin’s repressions when searches, arrests and interrogations were conducted at night time.

Taking into account the above mentioned facts, it becomes clear that Vitaliy Kasko is being put under pressure to intimidate all those who aims to reveal corruption among prosecutors in the future.

Therefore, we demand from authorities and officials responsible for relevant decisions to:

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Elina Shyshkina, MP of Ukraine of the 6th convocation
Oleksandr Yabchanka, Manager of working group on health reform in RPR
Mykhailo Zhernakov, Leading expert on Judiciary, Board member of Reanimation Package of Reforms
Nataliya Sokolenko, journalist