The Reanimation Package of Reforms is getting closer to gaining a legal status – transformation into the Public Union “Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition”. Civil society organizations made a significant step in this direction on March 5 at the General Meeting of the RPR member NGOs, the highest governing body of the coalition, where they approved the Roadmap of changes for RPR.

The Constituent Assembly of the Public Union “RPR Coalition” will be held on April 16. RPR member NGOs should submit their applications to become members of the Public Union by March 30. RPR Secretariat organizes preparation of the constituent documents of the Union with the engagement of all NGOs that have filed a declaration of intent to join the Union and meet the membership criteria.

Co-chairman of the RPR Board Taras Shevchenko noted that the transformation of the Reanimation Package of Reforms into the Public Union “RPR Coalition” would not affect goals and forms of the coalition’s activities today, but would only officially approve the rules for RPR’s functioning that had long been in place.

In addition, the General Meeting has approved the full member status of 10 RPR member NGOs which used to be associate members of the coalition:

  1. NGO Center for Environmental Initiatives Ecoaction
  2. ICF “Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health”
  3. NGO Regional Press Development Institute
  4. NGO Human Rights Platform
  6. NGO All-Ukrainian Sustainable Development and Investments Agency
  7. StateWatch NGO
  8. NGO Congress of Culture Activists
  9. NGO Ukrainian Science Club
  10. NGO Anticorruption Headquarters

To become a full RPR member, NGOs have to meet the following criteria: 1) NGO has been operating for at least 6 months; 2) NGO representatives participate in the work of an expert group (groups) or actively cooperate with RPR member NGOs; 3) NGO has transparent sources of funding; 4) NGO can provide references from RPR experts.

“The fact that 10 NGOs have become full RPR members means that the coalition is developing,” noted Acting Head of the RPR Secretariat Bohdan Yatsun.

As for today RPR coalition comprises 49 non-governmental organizations with the full member status. Another 34 NGOs are associate members of RPR.