RPR experts call on the Ministry of ecology and natural resources and Government to review the environmental control reform that does not address the issue of environmental protection

In 2017, the Concept for reforming the system of state supervision (control) in the field of environmental protection was adopted to address the issues of environmental protection in Ukraine and the implementation of this reform was initiated.

Today, environmental control is inoperative, ineffective, corrupted and is used to exert pressure on businesses. However, the actual reform does not solve these and other problems of environmental control, and instead worsens the situation. Experts of the RPR Environmental Protection Team point out the main drawbacks:

Representatives of the public have repeatedly provided the relevant ministry with detailed proposals that will enable the introduction of an effective environmental monitoring system in Ukraine:

  1. Change control purpose and procedure. The objective of the environmental control body should be not only to identify violations and bring the perpetrators to justice, but also to prevent the damage to the environment, which will be facilitated by the introduction of control over the procedure for issuing permits. The control procedure should exclude obtaining consent to take control measures by the higher authorities.
  2. Create an independent environmental control body. The ecological control body should not report to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. Territorial ecological inspection bodies should act on the level of regions, districts and have eco-inspectors at the level of local self-government bodies.
  3. Strengthen environmental responsibility. It is necessary to review the penalty and establish responsibility for a number of violations. It is also necessary to introduce administrative liability and criminal law measures for legal entities – for the environmental regulations violation.

Taking into account the above, experts of the RPR Environmental Protection Team call on the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and the Government:

  1. To suspend reform implementation until a holistic vision of the environmental control system and the implementation procedure are developed and presented.
  2. To engage stakeholders in the reform development and take into account the above and other proposals of the expert community.
  3. To start the reform by eliminating corruption risks and disadvantages in the eco-control rather than by creating a new body.
  4. To clarify the procedure based on which as of April 5, 2019, public discussion of the registered Draft Law on State Environmental Safety (No. 9336 dated November 23, 2018) will be held as well as legal procedures based on which the public’s proposals will be taken into account.