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Reload of SBI: 5 key changes


On December 3, the Verkhovna Rada approved in the last reading the draft law No. 2116 “On the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI)” on improving the activities of the SBI,.

Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition expert Yevhen Krapivin identified 5 key aspects of this draft law:

  1. The SBI will have single leadership of the Director with excessive authority, which would disrupt the balance in the Bureau’s management.
  2. The SBI is transformed from a central executive body into a state law enforcement agency that loosens legislation on the functioning of the executive branch.
  3. The dismissal of SBI Director Roman Truba and his deputies will take place after the Law enters into force.
  4. Within 5 days after the dismissal of the leadership of the SBI, the President of Ukraine appoints the Acting Director of the Bureau, after which a competition for his office will take place.
  5. No later than January 11, 2020, criminal cases concerning Euromaidan events will be transferred to the SBI (from November 21, 2013 to February 22, 2014).