Reanimation Package of Reforms coalition has been registered as a public association


Public Association “Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition” was officially registered on May 08, 2019. The Constituent Assembly of the Association was held on April 23, 2019.

Registration of the Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition as a legal entity in the form of a public association took place following the decision of the General Meeting of the informal coalition, the Reanimation Package of Reforms, adopted in 2018.

The Association was established by the RPR members, the association of NGOs and experts that after the Revolution of Dignity joined their forces in March 2014 to develop a consolidated position on the reforms necessary for the country and their proper implementation.

The founders of the Association are 25 organizations that are full members of the informal coalition Reanimation Package of Reforms.

RPR’s purpose, objectives and values remain unchanged:  support for and advancement of reforms in order to build an independent, consolidated, democratic, legal, strong and authoritative Ukrainian state with a wealthy society and equal development and self-fulfilment opportunities for each person, as well as promotion of the consolidation of civil society in Ukraine.

The Association carries out its activities based on the principles of political impartiality and non-affiliation with the businesses.

The Association is open to new members and cooperation to promote reforms with all the public associations that were full and associate members of the informal RPR coalition, as well as other civil society organizations.

See RPR’s Articles of Association by the link.

Acquiring membership in the PA RPR Coalition

Membership in the Association may be full or associate. The rights and obligations of associate members of the Association are determined by a separate Regulation, which is under development.

Full members of the Association may include authoritative and experienced public associations with impeccable reputation and with the status of legal entities, charitable organizations, other non-commercial legal entities of private law which support the statutory purpose and areas of the Association’s activities.

Full members of the Association must meet the following criteria for gaining membership in the Association:

Admission to the Association is carried out on the basis of a written application addressed to the Executive Director. The application should be filed with additional information confirming the compliance of the legal entity with the criteria for obtaining membership in the Association. The Executive Director verifies the information provided on the compliance of the legal entity with the criteria for becoming a member of the Association. Based on the review results, the Board of the Association makes a decision to recommend the General Meeting to accept the applicant as a member of the Association. The decision on the acceptance of a legal entity as a member of the Association should be adopted by the General Meeting.

Structure of the Association and the main powers of the governing bodies

General Meeting (includes all full members):

RPR Board:

Executive Director:

The Constituent Assembly of the RPR Association approved the current composition of the RPR Board for the period prior to the General Assembly of the Association, which is scheduled to be held in early July 2019. Bohdan Yatsun will remain the Executive Director until the competition for this office is completed.

In the near future, the Association will update the internal rules that govern various areas of activities: advocacy, communication, work of expert teams, etc. Information regarding the members of the coalition and the number and composition of expert teams will also be updated on the RPR website.

Read more about RPR activity in our Annual report 2018.