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Public statement on postponement of enactment of the Law “On civil service”

On April 14, a group of MPs registered a draft law No. 4447 to postpone enactment of the new law “On Civil Service.” This document jeopardizes enactment of one of the few reforms which the authorities managed to implement in active cooperation with the public after the Revolution of Dignity.

Adoption and enactment of the new Law of Ukraine “On Civil Service” is one of the key provisions of the Coalition Agreement and the international commitments of Ukraine, in particular, the Action Plan on implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and the State Building Contract for Ukraine concluded by the Government and the European Commission on May 13, 2014.

The novelties of the law include exclusively competitive selection to all the civil service offices, de-politicization of civil service, and distinct separation of political and executive support services from civil service. This document meets the European principles of public administration.

The teams of reformists in the authorities have long been looking forward to a new law “On Сivil Service” to reboot the government machine and optimize the functions and the organizational structures of the central executive authorities, local state administrations, and other governmental agencies.

We call on the President, the Government, the leaders of the Coalition, all MPs, and civil society to pool their efforts and prevent shameful postponement of the reform number one and discredit of Ukraine in the eyes of the international community.

Draft law No. 4447 shall not terminate the civil service reform, as it is a basis and a pre-condition for successful implementation of all reforms in Ukraine.

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