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Newsletter for February-August 2017

The new publication of the Reanimation Package of Reforms provides an overview of the most important developments in the key reform areas for the period from February to August 2017. In particular, the Newsletter covers the following issues:
– anticorruption reform (establishment of anticorruption courts, e-declaration for civil society activists, selection of NABU auditor and ineffectiveness of the NACP);
– judicial reform (competition to the new Supreme Court);
 public administration reform (structural reform of the ministries, new reformist personnel);
 electoral reform (change of the electoral system, reboot of the Central Election Commission, punishment for election-related crimes);
 land reform (unblocking the land market);
– deсentralization of power (sustainable development of amalgamated territorial communities, ensuring ubiquity of local self-government);
– media reform (establishment of the public broadcaster, privatization of print media, regulation of television and radio broadcasting);
– energy sector reform (development of energy market, increase of energy efficiency);
– healthcare reform (approving a guaranteed healthcare package, launch of the reimbursement program, medicines procurement).
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