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Mission: Possible. Ukrainians Сontrol Government Spendings

Kyiv, Ukraine – On October, 7th in the Reanimation Package of Reforms office a media-breakfast

“Ukrainians Сan Сheck Online How Government Spends Their Money!” took place. During the event

the experts of the Center for Political Studies and Analysis and the Reanimation Package of Reforms

Viktor Taran and Viktor Maziarchuk  discussed with foreign correspondents and the

representatives of embassies and international institutions the advances in the implementation of

transparent use of public funds as well as presented the new web-platform e-data and its benefits.

Mr Taran presented to the audience the new open budget – visualization of local budget which is

usually very huge and difficult to understand. The developed system is free for any city and implies

simplified visual form of local budget presenting to the public. The data concerns not only the

general information but also very specific data on any local funds expenditures such as information

by years or expenditures per person. Also there is a so-called “budget calendar” with specific dates

in budget development and adoption process when public can really be involved in budget

formation. Mr Maziarchuk presented the benefits of the new web-platform –

integrated portal on public funds use developed in cooperation with Ministry of Finance. This new

platform includes the information on state and local budget transactions as well as on agreements

made by state-owned and public utility companies. The platform will be supplemented by data on

KPI (key performance indicator) that demonstrates success of any budget event. The project is

already implemented in 7 regions.

Experts noted that all these measures were made in order to increase public involvement, influence

and control in the field of local budget formation, as well as decrease the corruption level. Now

citizens can benefit from the establishment of e-data integrated portal on public funds use because

they can clearly see, monitor and analyze data related with public funds.

“We are going to engage more new territorial units to transparent use of public funds, but in this

case the political will of newly elected authorities is required”, – noted Mr Taran.

“Now we are organizing special trainings for media workers, representatives of CSOs and public on

how to use web-portal and analyze its data. There would be no system changes without system

pressures”, – added Mr Maziarchuk.


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