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Key objectives of the healthcare reform 2019-2023

Reform of the domestic healthcare system is a fundamental change in the organizational and economic principles of management in accordance with the market conditions and European standards. The current stage is a transition in the implementation phase. Although many steps have already been taken, the “point of no return” has not been achieved yet.

Therefore, in order to ensure the reform continuation and irreversibility, the following steps need to be taken:

Author: Tetiana Yurochko

Co-author: Svitlana Bubenchykova, executive director of Healthcare Platform NGO, the manager of the RPR’s Healthcare Reform Team

Peer-review: Liliia Olefir, Halyna Skipalska

One of the most important tasks for civil society representatives is the communication and promotion, both in Ukraine and among international partners, of two documents developed by more than 100 industry experts of the Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition.

  1. Toronto Principles– vision of the principles of reforms development in Ukraine until 2023.
  2. Industry Briefs on Reforms in Ukraine which contain information on achievements, risks and necessary future vectors for the reforms.

Tymofii Badikov, the UP