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Joint statement of the CSOs regarding draft law on autonomization of healthcare establishments

Healthcare Reform is Again under Threat

     Another draft law promised a while ago by the Healthcare Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has finally come out. The document under Reg. No. 2309a-д has already been registered in the Parliament. A resolution on its adoption in the first reading has been prepared.

   Almost all the demands of the civil society for the regulations were included into the draft law, except for the most important one – a provision concerning deadline for the implementation of the draft law.

     The current version of the draft law does not specify these terms, which means that autonomization is left to the discretion of local councils and heads of healthcare establishments. Since the healthcare system is conservative and inflexible, the lack of specific terms will result in a situation when only a few healthcare establishments will exercise their right for autonomy.   Thus, the question arises whether this draft law should be adopted, as a healthcare institution can request autonomy even now, provided that its owner (local councils) are willing to do that.

     In the situation when Ukrainian healthcare system is in deep crisis, we cannot afford to pretend that we do something. It is clear towards which goal we are moving and what we should get as a result, and therefore now we have to take consistent measures to this end. Today, it is a single effective decision that will provide a possibility to set the inert system in motion and launch the process of reforms.  

     We call on the members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Healthcare Committee that prepared the said draft law, we call on the members of the Ukrainian Parliament who will vote on it. Let us finally pool our efforts for the sake of a common goal. To do this, we need:

     Let us not postpone the important reform. Let us launch the healthcare reform this year, at least in the form of a high-quality and effective draft law.  

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