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Joint Statement by the representatives of civil society and NGOs on the first political steps of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi


Kyiv, May 23, 2019

We, the representatives of NGOs, have been actively defending the sovereignty of Ukraine and its national interests in the global information space over the last 5 years and counteracting Russian aggression in the information field. Being engaged in different areas, we are working both on strengthening the civil society and establishing high-quality state institutions capable of constant dialog with the citizens, openly and responsibly reforming the country, making it more resistant to threats.

Our principles and positions remain unchanged. We see our mission in protecting those values that have become the choice of Ukrainian society during the Revolution of Dignity. These include freedom and dignity of humans that take center stage, Ukraine’s independence and protection of Ukrainian statehood, democracy, patriotism, courage, responsibility and honesty as the basic qualities of Ukrainian citizens.

We remain politically unbiased, but are concerned about the first decisions of the newly elected President. Unfortunately, they are currently showing a lack of understanding of the challenges faced by the country. We strongly disagree with the President’s desire to surround himself with the representatives of the regime of the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, which contradicts the principles of lustration, as well as people without the corresponding competences and those with whom Volodymyr Zelensky has business interests. The last years were too painful for the country for such short-sighted steps to have no consequences. These consequences can become fatal.

As the representatives of civil society, we outline a list of possible “red lines” – if the President crosses them, this will inevitably lead to deterioration in both the internal political and external situation around our country:

Security Issues

Foreign Policy Priorities:

Economic Steps:

Identity: Language, Education, Culture

Mass Media and Information Policy

Functioning of the State

It is through constructive dialog, which also envisaged timely criticism of the authorities, that we have always strengthened Ukraine’s voice in the world and facilitated the support on the part of our international partners.

The fact of crossing these “red lines” will mean that the President does not seek genuine democratic change, does not want to establish a more honest and responsible governance in spite of the fact that he promised this during the election.

Signatories (UPDATED):

Ukrainian Crisis Media Center

Danylo Lubkivskyi, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2014)

Mass Information Institute

Center for Civic Initiatives CEHRIN

Centre for Economic Strategy

NGO Detector Media

NGO Internews-Ukraine

Center for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”

Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”


The Steering Committee of the Ukrainian National Platform for the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum


Valerii Pekar, entrepreneur, teacher at business schools

CentreUA NGO

Information Portal “Stop Corruption”

Yevhen Stepanenko, head of the Social Theater, host of the program “War and Peace”

Yurii Makarov, writer, Member of the Board of Public Broadcasting Company

NGO “Stop Corruption”

Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine

Irma Vitovskaya, Merited Artist of Ukraine, theater and cinema actress, public figure

Union of Writers of Ukraine

Charity Foundation “Vostok-SOS”

Middle East Studies Center

Ukraine Support Society, Latvia

DEJURE Foundation NGO

NGO “Ukrainian Democracy”

NGO “Revival of the East”

Yevhen Mahda, Director of the Institute of World Politics

Center for Analysis and Strategies


NGO “Association for Democratic Development”

NGO “Active Civil Position”

Modern Art Gallery TryptykhArt

NGO “Visionaries”

Ukrainian University, Washington, USA

International Leadership Foundation, Washington, USA

Leadership of the Ukrainian-Centered Forces of Ukraine and the Diaspora

Kharkiv Independent Media Group “Nakypilo”

UNCD – Ukrainian-Norwegian Center for Democracy

Charitable Foundation “Happy Family”

Myroslav Marynovich, a former political prisoner, a member of the Nestor Group

NGO “Center for Public Activity “Result”

Crimean House

NGO “Ukrainian World”


Mishel Tereshchenko, Hlukhiv City Mayor


NGO “Crisis Media Center “Siverskyi Donets”

NGO “Donetsk Institute for Social Research and Political Analysis”

Information Human Rights Center “Edelweiss”


Volodymyr Kryzhanivskyi, Vice-President of the Association of MPs of Ukraine, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine

NGO “Humanitarian Board”

International Charitable Foundation “Maidan Hospital”

Institute of Civil Liberties

Institute for World Policy


Charitable Foundation “Academy of Modern Art, Realism and Creative Industries”

NGO “Law Guard”

NGO All-Ukrainian Association “Intelligent Ukraine”

NGO “Initiative Group “Together!”

NGO “Environmental Space of Ukraine”

Ukrainian Catholic University

NGO “All-Ukrainian Patriotic Association “Volunteer Movement of Ukraine”

Tatiana Verheles, Editor in Chief, IAZIK

Information Resistance Group (NGO “Center for Military and Political Studies”)

NGO “Historical Truth”

Elena Tereshchenko, Association of NGOs “KYIV VICHE”

International Volunteer Community InformNapalm


Ukrainian Worldview

NGO “Community Development Fund” (Kramatorsk)

NGO “Joint Objective”

NGO Crisis Media Center “Siverskyi Donets”

ICO “Environment – People – Law”

Social and Political Development Bureau

Alliance for Civil Rights

NGO “Crimean Wave”

NGO “Open University of Maidan” (OUM)

NGO UNCD – Ukrainian-Norwegian Center for Democracy

NGO Ukrainian Science Club

Ukrainian Center for European Policy (UCEP)

NGO “State and Me”

GreenEnergy NGO

Committee of Voters of Ukraine All-Ukrainian NGO

NGO “Association for Development and Security”

Initiative E+

Veteran Association Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

Congress of National Communities of Ukraine

Yosyf Zisels, a former political prisoner

Healthcare Platform NGO

NGO “Anti-corruption Block of ATO Participants”

Coalition Reanimation Package of Reforms

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