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Join the Toronto Principles

Support the Civil Society Priority Reforms Principles in Ukraine (Toronto Principles). The draft document was prepared by the Civil Society Working Group and coordinated by the RPR. The finalized document will be presented in the framework of the Third Ukraine Reform Conference.

Submit your signature to support the document here.

The Ukraine Reform Conference will be held in Canada, in cooperation with Ukraine, on July 2 – July 4, 2019 in Toronto. More than 300 partners and friends of Ukraine will meet in Canada, including international partners of Ukraine, representatives of the government, civil society, private companies and think tanks.

Toronto Principles is a summary document developed on the basis of thematic briefs, with a list of priority tasks for the next 5 years in the key areas of reform.

As part of preparations for the Third International Ukraine Reform Conference, NGOs, representatives of the private sector, think tanks, professional associations, local authorities, active citizens are invited to submit their signatures to support these documents.

NGOs and public associations that have developed and support the “Toronto Principles”:


Regional, Local

Business associations

You can read the document by the link.