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Debate for a Conscious and Responsible Choice of the President of Ukraine


The law of Ukraine provides for a debate on the last Friday before the day of repeat voting. Participation of candidates in the debate is not a mandatory requirement of the law.

However, the course of the election campaign after the first round gives us a reason to require a debate with the obligatory participation of both candidates on the legal basis determined by law.

We believe that there is a major factor as to which society failed to get a substantiated response from the winners of the first round. This is a critical lack of clarity among citizens regarding your vision of the necessary progressive changes in the activities of the President.

From the candidate – the current President of Ukraine – in addition to the vision of the country’s development, we want to hear personally guaranteed steps to eliminate deficiencies in his management, first of all corruption and closeness of his circle and the lack of strategic communication which he himself admits.

As to the second candidate, the winner of the first round of elections, his team and managerial competences as the President of Ukraine remain largely unknown to the public. Therefore, we want to receive the relevant information together with the guaranteed declared democracy steps.

Without limiting your freedom of appeal to voters, we propose to use a matrix of questions prepared by us in accordance with the constitutional powers of the President of Ukraine as a guideline for the debate:

  1. Ukraine’s security and defense policy strategy and its implementation.In particular: plans to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity, plans to strengthen the country’s defense, reform Ukroboronprom, SSU.
  2. Ukraine’s foreign policy strategy, the President’s task in its implementation.In particular: plans to accelerate Ukraine’s accession to the EU, membership in NATO, relations with Russia.
  3. Vision of the ways of economic development of Ukraine.In particular: the role of the President in eradicating economic and institutional preconditions for corruption, the vision of mechanisms of de-tycoonization and demonopolization, attitude to reforms: land, pension, tax, labor legislation.
  4. The role of the President in the constitutional model of power and the exercise of his powers.In particular:  will you initiate amendments to the Constitution in terms of the distribution of powers among the Parliament, the President, the Government; a vision of the judiciary reform, how candidates for the judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, heads of local state administrations will be selected. Your candidates for the following offices: Head of the Presidential Administration, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, SSU Chair, NBU Chair, Attorney General, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defense.
  5. Humanitarian policy: the role of the President in strengthening the national consolidation of the country.In particular: vision of building public communication with civil society, language policy, which legislative initiatives to ensure the rights of national minorities and indigenous peoples will be proposed as support and assistance to citizens of Ukraine currently living in the occupied territories in the prospect of reintegration.

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