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Constitutional reform: what it can look like?

In February-March 2023, the RPR Coalition, the Center of Policy and Legal Reform, and the Active Community Club held discussions on the concepts for the state’s future development in the context of crucial reforms. Among them  was the Constitutional Reform as the basis for state institutions’ stability, foundation for anti-corruption reform, decentralization, and the Reform of independent regulators. All these key reforms require making appropriate changes to the Constitution. We would like to share some findings of the experts and the results of expert and public discussions regarding the future of Constitutional Reform.

After the military victory of Ukraine, there will be a need to get rid of the Soviet heritage in the Constitution of Ukraine and search for more effective forms of public governance and interaction between the state and society. Undoubtedly, it’ll lead to a comprehensive constitutional reform reflecting the latest realities of state-building processes. Constitutional reform should be carried out exclusively in a legitimate way. How? The optimal technology for carrying out the Reform may be adopting a new version of the Constitution of Ukraine per the procedure established for changing the protected sections of the Constitution.

The new version of the Constitution of Ukraine may be based on the following principles:

What can a renewed Constitution look like? Find out in the infographic: