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Coalitions of public associations are a pillar for the post-war recovery of Ukraine

Since the Revolution of Dignity, civil society in Ukraine has become a key driving force in reforming the country. Non-governmental organizations have the opportunity to provide their expertise in various fields, strengthening the work of state bodies. Now, when Ukraine, while opposing Russian aggression, is simultaneously planning its post-war recovery, the participation of experienced broad coalitions of public associations in this process is essential.

The Reanimation Package of Reforms is one such coalition. Recently, new Co-Chairs of the RPR Coalition were elected, as well as a new Council Panel, which I also joined.

The driving force for reforms

During its activity (since 2014, when it started as an informal association), the RPR Coalition has prepared and achieved the approval of several critical legislative initiatives that launched the reform process in Ukraine. Currently, the RPR Coalition unites 26 public organizations and over 300 experts in 21 areas, including health care system reforms.

Some of the key deliverables of the RPR Coalition include the adoption of an anti-corruption package of laws and the law on public broadcasting, the transfer of drug procurement functions from the Ministry of Health to recognized international organizations (which brought increased competition, reduction of purchase prices and savings of over UAH 760 million), launch and support of the online public procurement system ProZorro, participation in the development of constitutional and legislative changes for judicial reform, provision of the legal framework for operating electronic petitions and many other achievements.

Planning the post-war recovery of Ukraine

Against the background of Russia’s war against Ukraine and its devastating consequences, our country faced the task of creating an effective plan for post-war recovery and revival. The RPR Coalition became active in this process, presenting the authorities and international partners with expert recommendations for Ukraine’s National Recovery Plan, which includes 20 directions. In particular, recommendations were made regarding reforms in health care.

As an expert of the RPR Coalition, I am a member of the National Council for the Recovery of Ukraine Working Group on Health Care, which is developing the Plan for the post-war recovery in health care.

On July 5, during the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2022 in Switzerland, the Ukrainian delegation presented the project for the post-war recovery of Ukraine. The fundamental principles for restoring the health care system are:

Currently, the Draft Recovery Plan for the health care system until 2032 is undergoing public hearings. Work continues on developing the Global Plan for Ukraine’s Post-War Reconstruction, and the RPR Coalition takes an active part in this process.

I call on experts and public organizations to join the RPR Coalition-based working groups. Without exaggeration, the RPR Coalition has become a powerful platform for the birth of qualitative changes in the country, having earned trust and reputation both at the national level and among Ukraine’s international partners. For experts, this is an opportunity to implement best practices and see results.

The doors of the RPR Coalition are always open for new members — civil society organizations that implement reforms to build democratic and constitutional Ukraine.

Tymofiy Badikov, Executive Director of the NGO “Parents for Vaccination”