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A potential bribe taker or a saint? – test yourself

Are you an honest and decent person or a potential corrupt official? Find out the answer by taking “Do you have a corruption gene?” test by the link.

3 minutes is not much to find out the truth about you, is it? Why is it useful? Find out if you can sleep peacefully or whether you should start raising money to hire a lawyer.

You will find correct answers to the test questions by the link. But use them after the test, not before 🙂

On September 14, 200+ DumkoFest visitors in the center of Kyiv tested themselves for a disposition toward corruption, and more than 100 people assured themselves of their honesty and ability to distinguish between genuine bribery and other abuses or ordinary domestic situations.

DumkoFest was organized with the support of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative, NABU Open Office and