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A New RPR Board Has Been Elected

At the Assembly of NGOs-members of Reanimation Package of Reforms, an updated composition of the Board of the coalition was elected through preferential secret voting. RPR strategic management body now includes:

According to the strategic document of the coalition, the RPR Charter, the composition of the Board should be updated annually by at least one-third. This time, seven new members were elected to the Board.

The new composition of the Board entered into force immediately after the voting. One of the first tasks will be the approval of a new coalition strategy for 2018-2019.

The RPR Board is a strategic management body that prepares a project of a strategy, adopted by the RPR Assembly, and implements it; approves the Communication Strategy and other RPR policies; carries out financial management including the following activities: approves RPR budget, approves rules for fundraising and applications for grants; approves the RPR action plans; develops and adopts tactical decisions, etc.