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20 laws that should be adopted by the end of 2019

On August 23, the Reanimation Reform Package Coalition (RPR Coalition) sent proposals to political parties regarding their legislative work in the Verkhovna Rada of XI convocation. On August 30, at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center experts presented 20 priority bills that MPs should approve till the New Year.

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Economy and sustainable development

Igor Burakovsky, co-chair of the RPR Coalition Council and chairman of the Board of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting, emphasized the transition from old to new was complete. It is time to move forward, and he is waiting for the Cabinet’s program, its action plan, and KPI.

Bills to be adopted as soon as possible in the economic sphere: on the Financial Investigation Service, also on the consolidation of functions of state regulation of financial services markets No. 2413a.

 “The National Bank is now operating to the highest standards, whatever the personalities would say… however, there is a non-banking sector, a large number of joint-stock companies, and unregulated structures. Liberalization involves tight regulation, including. The crisis of 2007-2009 has shown that when certain sectors of financial services fall out of government regulation, problems immediately arise, ” said Burakovsky.

A law is needed to prevent undue pressure on economic entities from state oversight measures # 6489, and to strengthen the protection of economic entities against unlawful acts or omissions of licensing authorities No. 7373.

Public administration

The RPR Coalition supports the priority adoption of the draft Law on the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and central executive bodies. According to the Chairman of the Board of the Center for Policy and Legal Reforms and Chief Expert of the Coalition of the RPR Coalition “Public Administration Reform” Igor Koliushko, the second important bill –  the draft law on administrative procedure. If the first one is needed by the CMU itself to organize its work effectively, it is designed for citizens, namely to protect their position in relations with officials. It is fully prepared and has already been submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of VIII convocation.

The law on the all-Ukrainian referendum is important. “It is needed so that no one can manipulate this subject,” Koliushko says.

Security and defense

“With regard to the defense and security sector, we see: the new government wants to make serious strides,” said Olena Tregub, Secretary General of the Independent Anti-Corruption Committee on Defense (NAKO) and an expert on the RPR National Security expert group.

Since the start of hostilities in Ukraine, the defense budget has increased fourfold. Today, the Defense Ministry’s budget is UAH 108 billion, while there are no mechanisms in place to allow the public to control the Ministry’s spending. Laws on this are in the process of being drafted and must be worked on and enacted.

By the New Year it is absolutely necessary to adopt a bill on the protection of classified information, which is the key to reforming the security and defense sector. The result will be an increase in the transparency and accountability of the sector. The bill is in the hands of the NSDC, so it should be adopted as soon as it is tabled in Parliament.

The draft Law on State Defense Procurement is essential for reforming the state defense order system. In Ukraine, 90% is classified information that is inappropriate. “It is necessary to declassify the order, but the previous authorities made more steps on paper. There is a new law on State Defense Procurement and several options, so there is something to work on. “


There is a large package of waste management bills in the environmental field, in particular – the Waste Management Framework Law is fully prepared and awaiting approval.

The draft Law on the State Environmental Inspection has to be adopted. “It is the most corrupt element in the field of environmental protection, but the draft law is 70% ready, it can be finalized even tomorrow. This is an aspect of horizontal reform, ” said Olena Kravchenko, executive director of Ecology-Right-Human, an expert of the RPR Environmental Protection expert group.

Expert said that a large block of bills in the field of biotic conservation is awaiting approval. This is not an industrial ecology, to which everyone is primarily concerned.

In a number of ministries of the European Union, the word “environment” comes first, reflecting the priority of the environment. Ukraine should follow this practice, ” Kravchenko stressed.


In Ukraine, 1 000 amalgamted territorial communities were created fairly quickly and 70% of the population lives in decentralized Ukraine. But 30% of people do not have this opportunity. Decentralization reform needs to be completed as soon as possible, as “balancing the non-decentralized territories needs to be done in manual mode, which in part means ineffective manual management of budget allocation,” explains Anatoly Tkachuk, a member of the RPR board, director on science and development of Civil Society Institute.

Administrative-territorial units in each region should be approved as soon as possible through the adoption of relevant laws. Also, it is necessary to approve draft bills “On the principles of the administrative and territorial structure of Ukraine” and “On amendments to the Law of Ukraine“ On regulation of urban development ”in the part of introducing spatial planning of the whole territory of the community.

In addition, a new version of the Laws on Local Self-Government in Ukraine and on Local State Administrations should be approved.

All the proposals in the field of decentralization and regional development can be found at the link.

The bills are ready, and if MPs will listen to the experts’ recommendations – Ukraine will be able to make a quick breakthrough.

“We would like the new government to take these tips into account, and build on the best practices of the old government, and we wish them every success – we all live in this country and work for it. It all depends on the desire of the new government to co-operate not only with its large faction but also with civil society experts. Governance is a great intellectual challenge, ”said Igor Burakovsky, Co-Chair of the RPR Board.

Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition Proposals on Recommended Bills for IX convocation of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
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