Your questions to the RPR Coalition

  • Who are you? Why did you choose this name?

    The RPR Coalition is an association of NGOs. Together, we develop proposals for the authorities and seek their approval. We do not pass laws, but we offer effective solutions. What kind of solutions? See here.

    After the Revolution of Dignity, the country needed resuscitation; that is why we all got together. Read more about RPR's history by the link.

  • Why should your proposals be approved?

    Our top experts from different organizations work together to produce solutions that deliver results. See confirmation here.

  • Why do I need to know about you?

    To find out about the real victories and failures of reforms. To keep up to date with the latest laws and the position of professionals.

  • What are the obvious results of your work besides the words “implementation” and “introduction”?

    We have launched the Prozorro public procurement system, created UA:PBC public broadcaster, succeeded in advocating introduction of e-declarations for officials, created a system of top-corruption investigation bodies. Anything else? See more here.

  • Who are your friends and who are your foes?

    We are friends with honest NGOs and experts. We work with the authorities committed to reforms rather than profanity. We inform international partners about relevant issues in Ukraine.

    We do not cooperate with the opponents of an independent, European Ukraine governed by the rule of law.

  • Where so you get the money from?

    We are funded by international organizations. We disclose our financial statements here.

    Members of the RPR Coalition do not receive any money from us, this work is unpaid and voluntary. We are independent of politicians, therefore we do not take their money.

  • You are said to advocate for reform. Are you lawyers?

    No, we are not a law firm. Our advocacy looks like this: we collect expert proposals from coalition members, refine and pass them on to the authorities. Then we keep track of the results.