№9385 Draft Law on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on the Implementation of Certain Provisions of the EU Intellectual Property Legislation

The aim of a draft law

The Draft Law No. 9385 will allow to overcome “evergreen patents” and reduce the prices for medicines. Now, patent law allows pharmaceutical companies to have a monopoly on medicines artificially extending the patent validity. Because of the imperfect patent law, the state and every Ukrainian pay for drugs a lot more than in other countries of the world, and patients die because they cannot receive treatment. For example, due to artificial extension of patent for the drug Aluvia for the treatment of HIV, Ukraine bought it three times more expensive than neighboring countries. Accordingly, if we overcome “evergreen patents”, treatment covered by the state will be received by three times as many patients.

Date of registration
Стан проходження
Being considered by the committees


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