№4370-1 On amendments to the Law "On civil service" to regulate certain issues of civil service

The aim of a draft law

The draft law No. 4370-1 proposes an original alternative: according to it, competition for the offices of heads of LSA shall be conducted by an ad hoc commission under the President’s Administration.This commission selects one candidate and formally introduces him or her to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, so that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine made a recommendation back to the President! This downplays the constitutional role of the Cabinet of Ministers in the selection and appointment of heads of local executive bodies. The draft law directly contradicts the Constitution, which is confirmed by the conclusion of the Scientific Experts Office of the Verkhovna Rada. Regulations of the draft law also contradict the principle of the distribution of power in a parliamentary-presidential republic and might lead to the usurpation of power by the President.

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