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№4091 Draft law on amendments to several laws of Ukraine regarding election of starostas

The aim of a draft law

The goal of the draft law is to ensure the unambiguity of the interpretation and application of certain provisions of the laws of Ukraine concerning the possibility of electing one starosta by the voters of several settlements within the amalgamated territorial community on the basis of a decision of the relevant local council. The provisions of the draft law will empower the local council of the amalgamated territorial community to determine the list of villages and settlements whose starosta is elected for a term of powers of the local council. Thus, by its decision the local council, considering its organizational, financial and material capabilities, will determine the number of starostas to be elected in the amalgamated territorial community and the relevant territory of the amalgamated local community, where starostas will exercise their rights and fulfill their duties.;
4386-д;Draft law on amendments to the Budget Code of Ukraine regarding transfer of certain administrative duties to local budgets;The draft law regulates the issue of transferring the following types of fees for administrative services to the general fund of the budgets of amalgamated territorial communities:- Administrative fee for state registration of rights to immovable property and their encumbrances- Administrative fee for state registration of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, and non-governmental organizations- Fees for urgent state registration of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, and non-governmental organizations, as well as fees for other paid services connected with such state registration.

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