№4057 Draft law on amendments to the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine on the specificity of forfeituring funds, currency valuables, government bonds of Ukraine, treasury bonds of Ukraine, precious metals and / or gem stones, other valuables and income from them before the court ruling

The aim of a draft law

The draft law No.4057 adopted by the Parliament in the first reading and allegedly aimed at confiscating the assets of Yanukovych and his allies, poses a serious threat to the fundamental right of property of all the citizens of Ukraine, not just to the riches of “”criminal authorities””, and, therefore, must be rejected.The draft law supplements the Criminal Procedure Code with a procedure of forfeituring funds, valuables and income from them before the court ruling. According to the draft law, this procedure can be actually applied to any person or legal entity who, in Ukrainian reality, have no real opportunity to defend their constitutionally guaranteed property rights. In this case it is extended confiscation, i.e. seizure of all property the legality of which can not be proven.

Date of registration
Стан проходження


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