draft laws

№2971d Draft law on amendments to some laws of Ukraine to simplify regulation of production and turnover of beer and improve certain provisions regarding sale of beer and other alcoholic beverages

The aim of a draft law

Realizing the difficulties which small businesses had to face on July 1, we support the rules concerning deregulation of the market. However, other rules have actually proposed to allow beer ads, which is the main instrument for enriching the beer industry by promoting consumption among the general public, mainly young generation. It is also proposed to permit to sell beer and vodka at any premises, provided they are located at the distance of 101 meters from a school, while if its area is ??over 20 square meters – at the distance of 1 meter away.
Therefore, all provisions that do not concern deregulation and licensing, but rather promote beer alcoholism, particularly among young people, should be removed.

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