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№2897 Draft law on amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine on introduction of criminal offenses

The aim of a draft law

The main objectives of the draft law are:
1) to continue humanization of criminal law by considering some minor crimes as criminal offenses;
2) to provide to the accused all procedural rights and safeguards of criminal procedure which are currently not provided to persons involved in the proceedings related to administrative offenses. on the other hand, people who have committed criminal offenses will not be subject to a preventive measure of detention;
3) to terminate the misuse of the results of administrative proceedings during criminal investigation (judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in the case “Doronin v. Ukraine”).
4) to ensure judicial protection of individual rights in cases of criminal charges (regarding confiscation, corrective labor, short-term detention, etc.)
5) to implement the Constitution of Ukraine (article 41) with regard to the possibility of confiscation of property only by a court decision;

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