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№2767 Draft law on amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine to introduce a savings system of compulsory state pension insurance and establish common principles of calculating pensions

The aim of a draft law

The aim of the draft law is to create a fair pension system by making a transition to a unified system of calculating pensions.
The draft law covers all types of pensions according to the norms of the law and abolishes any “special” pensions, with the exception for the pensions for military personnel.
The draft law proposes that pensions for retiring civil servants, employees of local governments, tax authorities, customs officials, prosecutors, judges, and scientific and technical workers should be administered on general grounds.
Allocated before January 1, 2016, the special pensions will be paid in the amount prescribed by law effective to that date.

It is suggested to introduce, starting from January 1, 2016, a savings professional pension program within the savings retirement insurance system for people under 35.

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