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№2668 Draft law on amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine (to harmonize certain provisions of legislation with the law of Ukraine "On prosecution")

The aim of a draft law

1) adoption of the draft law No. 2667 on July 2 has already launched the reform of the prosecution, therefore, additional changes are not required;
2) the draft law increases the powers of prosecution in cases of administrative offenses (changes to ALCO). In fact, “general supervision” is coming back.
3) there is a new type of proceedings in the administrative law (changes to CSSA) specifically related to the prosecutor’s office – proof of grounds for representation of state interests in court, which, again, increases the powers of prosecution;
4) a number of dangerous changes:
– Uncontested custody on suspects of corruption or mercenary crimes;
– The removal of the upper limit of the application of collateral (there might be claims for millions upon theft of a bicycle or a pot);
– Custody will be applicable for suspects in economic (business) crimes;
– Corruption initiative of exempting from restitution in full to the state at the conclusion of the prosecution agreement on the recognition of guilt.

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