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№2591 Draft law on amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine on strengthening the transparency of extraction industries in Ukraine

The aim of a draft law

The main purpose of the draft law is to provide opportunities to get financial information and information about business activities to prepare the report in accordance with the requirements of EITI and create a favorable investment climate for fighting corruption and effective competitive environment.

To perform one of the basic requirements of the EITI Standard – Preparation of reports about payments of mining companies to the budget of Ukraine and the Government of the income of companies, it is necessary first of all to amend the effective legislation of Ukraine.

Regarding the Subsoil Code – to impose on the users of subsoil a duty of disclosure of economic activity associated with mining operations within these areas of mineral resources and to introduce the responsibility of subsoil users for non-compliance with the obligation to disclose such information. Regarding the law of Ukraine “on Oil and Gas” in relation to the standards and requirements necessary to strengthen the transparency of extraction industries.

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