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№2335 Draft law on amendments to the law of Ukraine "On higher education" (regarding equal rights of individuals to obtain higher education (colledge degree and above))

The aim of a draft law

“It is proposed to make corrections in the process of testing, despite the fact that the campaign already began in 2015. Some of the amendments are poorly prepared and carry the risks of discrediting the EIT, namely:
– Instead of a formal threshold of success of 124 points the offered thresholds use the terms “passed / not passed” without specifying a system of conversion including performance during the previous years;
– Introducing a test of general academic competence which is also not yet ready to use, since the budget has no funds for its completion and implementation.
The implementation of the draft law in the timeframe proposed by the authors is in conflict to effective legislation on the timing of announcement of the terms of admission to higher education institutions, approval and publication of software testing, and so on.
The adoption of the draft law jeopardizes the quality of UPE 2015.”

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