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№2123a Draft law on amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine on preventing and fighting political corruption

The aim of a draft law

1) reduction of the dependence of political parties on funding by private donors (the oligarchs, industrial and financial groups, etc.) and related corruption risks;
2) strengthening transparency of political parties and enhancing the transparency of financing of election campaigns;
3) introducing effective state control of funding of political parties and election campaigns;
4) establishment of effective, proportionate and effective sanctions for violations of party financing and election campaigns;
5) consideration of international standards in the sphere of financing policies;
6) creating financial incentives to ensure balanced gender representation in the composition of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and relevant local councils;
7) the recommendations of the Group of states against corruption, the Venice Commission, OSCE / ODIHR and other international organizations to improve legislation in the field of policy transparency;
8) strengthening conditions for liberalization of visa regime between Ukraine and the EU.

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