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№1861 Draft law on amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine (concerning the transfer pricing)

The aim of a draft law

The draft law is designed to improve the current system of state regulation of transfer pricing, eliminate contradictions and specify the rules that negatively affect the implementation of tax policy with regard to international experience and optimal combination of fiscal and taxation regulatory functions, in particular,
– to improve the definition of “an affiliated person”, in particular, as regards the procedure of calculating the amount of shares of corporate rights by increasing the share of property of an entity in the next legal entity in the chain to 50%, as the share ownership of corporate rights of 20% in each subsequent legal entity does not provide actual opportunities for taxpayer to influence the decisions of other entities in the chain;
– to increase the thresholds for declaring operation as controlled and to include the income of the affiliated person while calculating the total income of the taxpayer;
– to reduce the penalty for failure to declare transactions and to set a maximum level for the corresponding reporting period.

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