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№1660d Draft law on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning support of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption.

The aim of a draft law

The draft law eliminates the contradictions of a package of anticorruption laws from
14 October 2014. Without making these changes, it is impossible to run a competition
for the post of Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau or to
launch new anti-corruption bodies.

In addition, it is proposed to depoliticize the procedure of election of Director
of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. The draft law also provides that
the bureau cannot accept service of persons who over the past
five years have worked in specially authorized units to
combat corruption in the existing law enforcement agencies.

The draft law takes into account the best provisions of the draft law No. 1406 (developed by experts) and No. 1660 (developed by a team of the Presidential Administration).

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