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№1551 Draft law on amendments to the law of Ukraine "On public procurement (by government)" (to improve public procurement and e-procurement)

The aim of a draft law

Proposes to allow participants of tender conspiracy to participate in public procurement;
– proposes to allow legal persons held responsible for corruption, to participate in public procurement;
– significantly reduces the possibility to challenge public procurement, particularly, regarding changes to the tender documentation;
– proposes to abolish free publication of tender documents for customers trading;
– proposals on the introduction of e-procurement are inconsistent and dangerous in terms of fighting corruption. Key decisions in this area belong to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which increases the risk of corruption. The government no longer participates in the organization of electronic trading, which makes the public procurement system completely dependent on a few private companies.
Introduction of mandatory electronic reverse auction, which contradicts the European Union Directives.

Date of registration
Стан проходження


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