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№1195 Draft law on amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine (regarding conditions of returning fixed-term deposits)

The aim of a draft law

The draft law aims to ensure the stability of the banking system by regulating the mechanism of creating the resource base of the banking system. For this purpose, it introduces the amendments, whereby the bank customers will have the right to receive deposits and accrued interest thereon under the contract at the end of the contract. Early repayment of the deposit and accrued interest on this deposit is possible only if it is stipulated in the contract on fixed-term deposit.
In order to protect the interests of depositors not demanding that the fixed-term deposit be returned after the term expires and prevent abuse on the part of banks interested in continuing cooperation with the client on terms more favorable for the bank, the deposit contract shall be considered extended only on conditions of demand deposit. That is, an agreement on the fixed-term deposit shall be extended only when the individual depositor personally renews the contract.

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