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№1088 Draft law on amendments to the law of Ukraine "On the use of cash registers in trade, catering and service sector" (on state guarantees to business entities with regard to the use of cash registers)

The aim of a draft law

The draft law aims to settle the following norms and regulations:
– to regulate the relationship between business and service centers during service or repair of cash registers. Thus, if a service center fails to repair a register over six days, it is proposed to oblige it to bring into service a reserve cash register, and should the register be damaged, to provide replacement, change, and maintenance of the new cash register before the end of its service life.
– to remove from the law the binding availability of price tag on goods in a monetary form, as it is not a subject-matter of law on the use of cash registers, but that of the law on consumer protection;
– to introduce article 171, introducing responsibility of manufacturers, suppliers and service centers for violation of this law;
– to introduce compensations to economic entities by considering money spent for the purchase of modems or cash registers creating control tape in electronic form as tax liabilities;
– to prohibit demanding an ID to purchase and sell foreign currency.

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