№0209 Draft Law on the Accession of Ukraine to the European Fund for the Support for the Co-Production and Distribution of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Works (EURIMAGES)

The aim of a draft law

The EURIMAGES Fund is a well-known mechanism for financing joint cinema production. This film production format, as well as within international projects, is a very common practice because cinema is the most powerful means of dialogue between global cultures. Moreover, support for film projects by the EURIMAGES Fund opens up the possibility for film-theater rental of a supported film in all European countries.

The period during which Ukrainian cinema community has been trying to persuade the authorities to become a member of the fund, and during which the authorities, accordingly, have been promising to do this, spans more than 20 years. The members of this fund are 37 countries, including Georgia (2011), Russia (2011), Armenia (2016), and Canada (2017).

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