RPR Reforms breakfast “Competition to the new Supreme Court on the finishing line: What is wrong and how to fix it?”

On April 4, the Reanimation Package of Reforms will organize the reforms breakfast “Competition to the new Supreme Court on the finishing line: What is wrong and how to fix it?” (for diplomats, representatives of international institutions and foreign correspondents). The event will take place on Tuesday, April 4, at 10:00am-12:00pm at the RPR office (6 Olhynska St., 2nd floor, office 21).

Unprecedented formation of the entirely new Supreme Court, based on an open competition for all the 120 positions within the Court, was perceived as a cornerstone of the total reboot of the judiciary. Starting already in November 2016, the selection process has already passed several important stages, and is currently only two steps away from its finish (namely, the stage of testing candidates’ moral and psychological qualities, and personal interviews).

However, the actual course of the selection process revealed a number of roadblocks endangering a fair and unbiased result: portfolios of part of the candidates were published with a big delay and not fully – without the information of public interest (e.g. income and asset declarations for previous years, which were submitted in paper form, limited information on family relations etc.), portfolios of the rest are still unpublished; the evaluation criteria were not clear and with a high level of discretion, and the right of the Public Integrity Council’s members to actively participate in the interviews was called in question. Moreover, although a few days ago the results of practical assignments were published, competition entries of the candidates as well as scores, given by each of the High Qualification Commission of Judges members in the course of assessment are still kept in secret contrary to public demands.

Besides that, the list of competitors for the highest positions of Ukraine‘s judicial system includes a number of odious personalities.

What is the state of play on the current stage of the competition? Who are the candidates that are still racing? What is to be done in order to secure a fair competition? And, finally, what is the chance that only the most decent competitors will become the new Supreme Court Judges?

These and other questions will be discussed by the following experts:

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