RPR Forum “Stepping Stones or Stumbling Blocks: What Does the Pre-Election Year Hold for the Reform Agenda?”

On June 14, between 10.00 am and 02.00 pm, Reanimation Package of Reforms will hold a public forum: “Stepping stones or stumbling blocks: what does the pre-election year hold for the reform agenda?”. The forum will take place within the framework of the Second International Ukraine Reform Conference in Copenhagen, which will gather key-stakeholders of the reforms process in Ukraine.

The closer it gets to the elections, the more promises we hear from politicians in the manner of pre-election campaigns and populist slogans in the information space. Meanwhile, substantial, sometimes unpopular, but extremely important reforms are not put on the agenda. Some of the crucial state-building changes, nevertheless, have to be implemented in the nearest future.

Reanimation Package of Reforms is bringing together on one platform government leaders, ministers, representatives of international institutions and diplomatic corps, leading experts, public figures, opinion leaders and journalists to participate in the socio-political forum to discuss opportunities and challenges for reforms continuation in the country a year before the elections.

Two discussion panels will be held during the Forum: “Perform the reform: civil society’s priorities ahead of the elections”, as well as “Driving the reforms: effective practices of the civil society”. See the detailed program and speakers below.

If you are interested in attending the Forum, you are invited to fill out the registration form by the following link. Registered participants will be notified of the location.

The First International Ukraine Reform Conference took place in London last year. This year, the Second International Ukraine Reform Conference will be held on June 27 in Copenhagen. The Governments of Ukraine and Denmark are the partners of this Conference. Reanimation Package of Reforms is a partner of the Conference representing the civil society event held in Ukraine.

For further information please contact: Olena Prokopenko, 097 269 88 87

RPR Forum Program