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Is Decentralization Reform Possible Without Constitutional Amendments?

Dear colleagues!
The Reanimation Package of Reforms would like to invite you to take part in the reforms breakfast, “Is Decentralization Reform Possible Without Constitutional Amendments?” which will be held on Friday, July, 1 at 9:30 am – 11:30 am at the office of the RPR (6 Olhynska str, off. 21).
Decentralization is one of the few Ukrainian reforms in which the results are already tangible. Through the process of the voluntary amalgamation of territorial communities, 172 amalgamated territorial communities have been formed so far.
The newly-established communities have received additional powers and financial resources at the level of big cities of regional subordination. In particular, the community budgets keep 60% of their individual income tax, land tax, single tax, and excise tax. In addition, they have been granted ample powers to establish local taxes and duties. As a result of fiscal decentralization, the budget revenues of the amalgamated territorial communities have increased by two to six times.
In 2016, 5.9 billion UAH was allocated to the regional development and support of the amalgamated territorial communities. These funds are distributed among the regions and communities in a transparent and proportional manner.
However, even after agreeing that this reform is crucial, a lot of specific issues are still debated. Can this reform continue without amending the Constitution? What additional legislation should be adopted? What are the challenges of this reform, and how can they be solved? 
These and other questions will be discussed during the reforms breakfast. 
Among the speakers are:
Anatoliy Tkachuk – leading expert of the RPR group on decentralization, Civil Society Institute director; 
Head of the amalgamated community (TBC)
The working language of the event is English.
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