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How To Make the Government Capable of Implementing Reforms?

Media breakfast on the topic “How To Make the Government Capable of Implementing Reforms?” will be organized on April 5 at 9:30 am at the office of the Reanimation Package of Reforms at address: 6 Olhynska Str., of. 21.

Acute governmental crisis has demonstrated that old methods of forming the Government will not yield positive results. Today it is critically important not only to replace the officials in executive authorities, but also to change the rules of game. The experts of the RPR group “Administrative Reform” will talk about the criteria of selection of government members and how to provide for effective and transparent procedures of preparation and adoption of governmental resolutions stipulated, in particular, by the draft law No. 2354a “On amendments to the laws on activity of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and central executive authorities.” Moreover, the participants of the event will discuss coming implementation of the civil service reform and the methods of establishing new wages for public officers.


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